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Using a Realtor

Balalovski Real Estate understands that purchasing real estate is the biggest investment a person or business makes in life. It could mean the difference between success or failure. We make sure each client is protected against failure in the purchase, sale, lease or management of property. Because of the complexities with any transaction, we would like to share with potential clients reasons why to hire Balalovski Real Estate in the sale, lease, purchase or management of your next property.

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Being A Client

Balalovski Real Estate prides itself in offering our clients undivided attention in exclusive representation. Our service is great and timely. The company's success rests in the delivery of results and we aim to make or find a way to achieve results. Our talented Agents are colored with designations and come from a line of diverse backgrounds enriched with knowledge behind their specialty. Our platform is designed to be proactive toward our client's needs providing the necessary information to make an informed decision today.

If you are looking to sell or lease your property, service to expect is the implementation of property specific marketing plans, maximum real-time exposure of properties in the sales process via internet advertising on the best real estate sales & leasing websites used nationwide, direct marketing, print brochures, marketing calls, networking to industry related professionals, ect.

If you are looking to buy or lease a property, we will pre-qualify you determining what price range you can afford then search the many same programs we use in the marketing of property to find a fit for you based on the criteria your business or home life require to provide a productive atmosphere for you.

Balalovski Real Estate invites you to schedule a non-obligatory appointment today to be evaluated as a client.