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Balalovski Real Estate was founded March 13, 2013 by the Balalovski family and is managed by Andrew Balalovski, the company broker. Together with the family, he runs the organization and over sees day to day operations, but that is not how it all started.

The family has a long tradition in real estate dating back to the 1980's when Alex S. Balalovski introduced the term real estate as household word for the Balalovski family. Coming from a family of farmers, Alex knew that growth started with land. He took this concept with him when he migrated to America and multiplied it.

In the years after, Alex went to get his sales license to start selling homes for a large national brokerage franchise. He excelled, winning awards and achievements for his sales volume. It was not enough though and in 2005 he recruited Andrew A. Balalovski to join him.

Growing up, real estate was natural for Andrew. His father mentored him in residential real estate until 2008, a time when Andrew ventured off on his own to learn more about his interests, commercial real estate sales and leasing.

After completing 5 years in commercial real estate, Andrew and Alex united to put their resources together. Together, they formed Balalovski Real Estate.