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Retiring Brokers

Balalovski Real Estate understands there comes a point in all of our lives where we become green with envy upon learning about our neighbor's exotic 2 week retreat to Hawaii and ask ourselves "Have I worked enough? Am I done yet?" Don't let this be a dilemma for you. Everyone needs to live a fulfilled life and transfer the reigns of command to the generation after them to take charge. This allows the leaders of tomorrow to be able to follow in the foot steps of their predecessors, enhance the legacy that was built by them, and continue to grow the memory and company of the predecessor simultaneously.

Balalovski Real Estate makes this transition easy for brokers who are looking to retire or activate their sales license. The transition will be easy and we would provide the support and staff needed to make your entrance in retirement or in the world of a salesperson hassle free. The same would be done for your entire Agent roster so during the transition, they would only continue to be as efficient as they were before and continue to provide fantastic service to their client as they close and manage properties.

If you are considering experiencing a new phase in your life, please contact us for more information on how we can assist your transition.