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Balalovski Real Estate Property Management maintains the philosophy that real estate is a long term investment seeking care from its owners. Opportunity cost becomes a question in ownership and most of our clients ask themselves what more productive use of my time is there?

Balalovski Real Estate Property Management is the answer to that question. We make ownership easy and take care of each property as if it was our own. With years of on hands ownership experience dating to the 1980s, we know what is required to maintain the value of an investment and keep it productive for our clients.

Balalovski Real Estate Property Management offers management, maintenance, rehabilitation and more services in the residential and commercial real estate fields. Regardless of the property type you own, click on the links of interest above to learn more about our property management division.

Trust the Balalovski Real Estate Property Management division with your commercial, residential or industrial real estate management needs! Visit our specialty market website at for the latest projects, properties, events and division news we have to share.