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Causes Why Donate Back to Our Philanthropies

DonateBalalovski Real Estate would like to thank you in advance for any donation you are about to make to the different causes our company supports. These donations are highly appreciated and depended on for future advancements of each organization. Any amount given will make a difference and bring the causes we support that much closer to their goals.

Balalovski Real Estate is happy to accept donations in any amount. The denomination will be entered using your credit card number in the organization you choose to support’s paypal account. Other acceptable forms of giving are check or money order made payable to the organization you choose to support. Cash donations may be collected or mailed to us in a sealed envelope labeled donation for and followed with the name of the organization you support.

Balalovski Real Estate asks that with any donation made that you include your contact information complete with name, address, telephone and e-mail address so we may inform
you of any organization events and mail you back a thank you letter complete with a receipt
for tax purposes.